Our products are formulated from a proprietary blend of plant extracts designed to hydrate the interior vaginal walls and create a tightening effect lasting up to life time.

You can find our Vagina tightening pills, creams, powders, oils or gels in Pretoria, vagina tightening pills and creams in Johannesburg, Midrand, Sandton, Boksburg, Germiston, Rustenburg, Brakpan, Centurion, Bedfordview, Vereeniging and many parts of South Africa.
The sexual frustrations of losing interest and the lack of satisfying orgasms can be very stressful. The tightening effect allows for greater friction, and in turn enhances sensation and sexual pleasure for both a woman and her partner for real. Women of all ages are finding V-TIGHT Virginal tightening Products the breakthrough solution for vaginal relaxation – the natural result of aging and/or childbirth. Safe enough to use every single day, V-TIGHT can help women achieve heightened vaginal sensations and have better, more frequent orgasms. In the clinical trials, 98% of women reported an increase in satisfaction with their ability to reach orgasm when using V-TIGHT products.
Vaginal tightening/Female Tightening can be achieved by using natural products, we do have a wide range of products including: -gels, powders, creams, pills, soaps, oils and herbs In our determination to restore sexuality, SPICE HERBALS formulated V-TIGHT- an all-natural supplement that that targets and treats the root of the problem on why your vaginal muscles are losing strength and tone in the first place. V-TIGHT is scientifically proven to eliminate vaginal-loosening problems and effortlessly strengthen the vaginal muscle walls which gives you results within 3 days.
We deliver Vaginal tightening creams, powders, gels, pills & soaps in Rustenburg, Pretoria, Johannesburg, cape town, Kimberley, Witbank, Polokwane and so many other parts of south Africa and world-wide.
What is V-TIGHT?
Natural Herbals For Vaginal Tightening
V-TIGHT  is an all-natural herbal that provides you with ingredients your body needs for strengthening vaginal muscles and vaginal cleansing. These ingredients have been used in Asia & Europe for centuries and are still widely used today for vaginal tightening, maximizing libido and overall health benefits.
V-TIGHT is safe and healthy.
Why? V-TIGHT ingredients have a long history of usage and is 100% natural.  Unlike other vaginal tightening products, V-TIGHT does not use ingredients such as Manjakani Reason being most times manjakani makes women too dry.
V-TIGHT Benefits For You:
1. Most Effective, Natural & Affordable Vaginal Tightening Solution
2. Maximize Libido & Lubrication
3. Vaginal Cleansing
4. Easy to consume capsule form for complete and deep rejuvenation
5. 100% Organic & Healthy, No Side Effects
6. Independently Tested By Third Party for Certified Authenticity
7. Best Satisfaction Guarantee On The Market
There are a lot of alternative ways to achieve the same goal of that vaginal tightening surgery. The painful procedure can be avoided by trying a wide range of our products including pills, creams, powders and injections. Along with this, a lot of medicines are available at our wits women’s clinic for this purpose, especially creams, powders which potentially have fewer side effects and risks as compare to surgery.
1. Does V-TIGHT  really work?
2. What are the benefits of using V-TIGHT?
3. How does V-TIGHT work?
4. How to apply V-TIGHT?
5. How soon can I see results?
6. Are there any side effects?
7. Can V-TIGHT be used with a condom?
8. Can I use it immediately after childbirth?
9. Can it be used before childbirth ?
10. Does V-TIGHT affect my fertility?
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