Described as a “rapid belly melt”…forskolin is a root-based chemical derived from the Plectranthus barbatus plant that has been used for centuries to reduce belly fat. forskolin raises cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels in your body, which regulates the release of an enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase and helps your body to burn more fat. Each capsule of Bliss Belly Melt contains 10% forskolin, which is the “optimal dosage” to help you lose weight.

The Bliss Belly Melt weight loss product is an incredible weight-loss breakthrough. This incredible breakthrough weight-loss product is helping a whole lot of people shed their unwanted pounds. With the Bliss Belly Melt product, you do not even have to do a whole lot of dieting and/or exercising in order for it to help you lose the weight.

It essentially increases the body’s levels of lipase which is what burns the fat in your body. Bliss Belly Melt also stimulates cAMP production. The cAMP production stimulated by Bliss Belly Melt is what triggers the body’s timely release of a direly important thyroid hormone that also burns away both fat and calories. This essentially sends the body’s metabolism into overdrive. One of the added benefits of when the body’s metabolism is in overdrive, it that it ultimately produces natural, all-day lasting energy.

Bliss Belly Melt’s ground-breaking fat and calorie burning formula promotes the essential breakdown of stored fats. It also encourages and enhances the release of fatty acid from the body’s adipose tissue. The result of all of this is the increased thermogenesis of the body, which in turn, then results in increased lean body mass as well as the essential loss of fat.